High Performance Wildlife Socks


Sizes: Small (5.5 to 8), Large (8.5 to 13)

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The HECS® Wildlife High Performance Socks are the perfect companion to other HECS® wildlife gear. They’re ideal for the times you’re in the great outdoors because of their comfortable design and quality construction.

These high performance wildlife boot socks are made with HECS®‘s famous, patented technology. If you’re unfamiliar with this concept, let us share. All of our clothing items (these wildlife socks included) are designed to block the electrical energy your body puts out when you move. Birds, fish and mammals can pick up on this electrical output, which means they’re able to sense your presence. If your heart beats and your muscles move, you’re putting off an electrical current.

HECS® wildlife apparel is perfect for individuals who love outdoor recreation and wildlife viewing. These high performance wildlife socks are the perfect addition to your outdoor gear. They fit comfortably under your boots and keep your feet warm during the cooler months.

Take advantage of your wildlife and outdoor recreation hobbies with HECS® clothing. With our unique apparel and high performance socks, you’ll experience the outdoors in a completely new way. When animals don’t sense your presence, they act more naturally in their environment. With HECS®, you’ll be able to take part in their environment. We’re all about offering you that valuable, one-of-a-kind experience.

HECS® socks feature a conductive carbon grid that now allows you to be covered head to toe in HECS® signal-blocking technology.

  • Made of 72% acrylic / 18% nylon / 5% conductive carbon / 3% polyester / 2% Lycra®.
  • Sizes: Small (5.5 up to 10), Large (10 to 13)