HECS® Wildlife Multi-Rag Product


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The HECS® multi-rag hunting gaiter is a tubular fabric that’s meant to cover the neck, face and top of the head. It comes in HECSTYLE™ Anywhere and Green camo print to help keep you indistinguishable from your surroundings. Although your heartbeat and muscle movements emit a natural electric energy, our patented technology prevents animals from detecting it. Our hunting face shields are made with an interlocking carbon fiber grid that blocks your body’s naturally occurring electrical output. This means your multi-purpose hunting face gaiter will keep your movements stealth and ultimately enhance your hunting experience.

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We use a breathable, lightweight material that does its job without impeding strenuous outdoor activity. Our multi-purpose hunting camo face shield is a stretchy fabric that adds comfort and versatility, so you can wear it however you need to. It’s also made from machine-washable material that is durable and will retain its quality for a long time. Order your hunting face shield from HECS® and gain the benefits of our uniquely designed camo gear.