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HECS® Wildlife Womens Adventure Shirt

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HECS® Wildlife Women's Adventure Pants

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The HECS® Wildlife Adventure shirt and pants are now available in women’s and men’s sizing to accommodate all body shapes and sizes. We have designed our wildlife clothing for those who love to observe, photograph, or interact closely and safely with wildlife in its natural habitat.

The classic and comfortable adventure design for both our wildlife shirt and pants is lightweight and imbued with our patented HECS® technology, which allows more immersion in the natural environment of the outdoors.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! To experience the full benefit of HECS® Technology, both the HECS® shirt and pants must be worn together as an outfit.

What’s unique about HECS® clothing? HECS® fabric blocks electrical energy naturally produced from our bodies when our hearts beat or our muscles move. This type of technology is in most microwave door linings. We took this energy-blocking concept and integrated it into our fabric. This combination is proven to prevent the electrical energy we put out from alerting animals to our presence.

With the HECS® wildlife shirt and pants set, you can get closer to wildlife and observe natural behaviors without alerting the animals to your presence because they cannot detect you.

Our adventure wildlife shirt and pants features:

• Sleeves that can be cuffed with buttoning capabilities for increased mobility
• Double chest pockets
• Secure zipper pocket
• Multi-panel construction for improved flexibility and comfort