HECS® is pleased to announce our latest offering for Wildlife Professionals.

Introducing the Men’s and Women’s HECS® Adventure Line. We will be offering presales of all the products in this Adventure line and will begin shipping on the week of August 16, 2021. Be the first to own this exciting new clothing line from HECS®!!
*HECS® Adventure wear contains the patented stealth screen technology that blocks the body’s electrical signal to get you Closer to Nature.

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Individual Replacement Components


*There is no HECS® technology in these t-shirts.

3-Piece Suits

HECS® Wildlife Apparel

HECS® has made a name for itself among outdoor enthusiasts. Our patented technology presents a new, unique way for hunting and observing wildlife. Our suits are designed to block the electrical energy your body puts off, which is something animals use to detect your presence. It won’t make you invisible because your scent, the noise you make and your movement can still be identified. Rather, with the HECS® technology, you’ll appear as an inanimate object and the wildlife surrounding you will act in a natural way.

Our wildlife apparel has the same technology you’d find in your average microwave door. We took this concept and wove it into our fabric. This effectively blocks the electrical signals our bodies put off when our heart beats or our muscles move.

If you love the outdoors, then HECS® wildlife apparel is the way to go. The idea behind electrical energy shielding between humans and animals is a revolutionary approach. Whether you’re a wildlife photographer, nature conservationist, hunter, etc., HECS® wildlife clothing is for you. HECS® will give you a unique experience when you’re out in the wild.