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HECS® holds 5 issued U.S. patents and multiple foreign patents. Our technology has been proven effective and has been fully vetted by experts since 2010.


HECS® is awesome. During a recent trip to the Bahamas I had the opportunity to wear the HECS® dive skin. It was extremely comfortable and fit very well. During the first set of dives I started to notice that most of the wild life ignored me and would swim around and near me as if I wasn’t even there. I was able to get very close to the life, which allowed me to capture photos and video that others on the dive could not. As the week progressed I noticed that most of the life would treat me as if I were one of them instead of an intruder into their space, some even ran into me. Anyone looking to getting up close and personal with the life underwater should definitely pick one up.
Jason Scanlon
Dive Instructor, underwater photographer and videographer

My first dive in the suit will be a day I’ll never forget. As a blue water hunter I know how hard it can be to approach certain species of fish, especially wahoo. I jumped in off the boat at one of my favorite spots on the east coast of Australia. I was drifting slowly with the current when suddenly a school of around 10 – 15 wahoo started to swim directly towards me. At first, I wasn’t sure what was heading towards me until the fish got that close they all turned broadside and started swimming circles around me. I couldn’t believe my luck and was able to swim with these fish before selecting and placing a perfect shot. Was it a coincidence that I had this experience on my first HECS® dive? I don’t think so, because on the very next dive I had my second wahoo boated with another perfect shot. I don’t recall chasing wahoo being that easy. HECS® aquatic has set the benchmark with their new technology.
Travis Corken
CEO Neptonics Australia

When I was first introduced to the HECS® wetsuit, I first thought was a nice suit with a new (gimmick) sales pitch, following which the concept slipped my mind. I have been diving the Aliwal shoal off the east coast of South Africa for 17 years and in that time I have learned the habitats and limitations of most of the marine life from the large brindle bass reaching sizes well over 150kg to the many sharks that frequent the area. I know what can and can not be done in order to interact with them. Without a second thought, I had noticed a remarkable change on the recent dives. The brindle bass were allowing me to approach far closer than before, and the sharks were actually swimming into me. at first, I thought this is unusual, yes I was diving with a rebreather, but I had done so now for many years. Then I started to notice a pattern, some days I could get real close and other days not! Then I remembered the days I could literally touch the brindle bass and had the sharks “not see me” were the days I was wearing the HECS® suit, and the other days were when I was wearing my standard suit. You see I was switching to a dry wetsuit each day during winter because of the cold mornings, and getting into a wet wetsuit is not nice! I’m not easily convinced, but I can honestly say that from my experience in the environment that I know the HECS® wetsuit does make me believe that it lives up to its claim!
Barry Coleman
Raid AB Founder Director

Eager to try the new HECS® stealth screen skin, This morning I decided to go for and early morning shore dive off Miami beach to find hogfish for my research. We hit the water before sunrise and began the 30 min swim out to the reef. The sun had finally begun to rise and illuminate the gorgonian coral reef when I ran across this nice 20 inch male hog that you see in the picture. On the way back in I came across a spiny lobster that was out of its ledge. So even though lobster mini season had just ended and lobster was closed. I wanted to test the lobsters reactions to the HECS® suit knowing that they posses electroreception. I Hypothesized that the lobsters would still react to my movement but in theory they should not react to my touch. So I slowly approached the lobster putting one hand in front and the other behind minimizing my movement as much as possible. Next thing I know the lobster is sitting in my hand, apparently thinking it was a ledge. In disbelief I swam to the surface and decided to replicate the result. Now the lobster had moved into the ledge so I slowly reached my hands in distracting the lobster with my front hand while I slipped the other slowly behind and this time began slowly petting the lobster on the back. I began laughing because in all my years of lobstering I had never had this happen. I was amazed at how effective this suit was at blocking my electromagnetic signal. Normally the lobster would have sensed my hand about 6 inches away. With the HECS® suit my hand became no different than an inanimate object such as a noose or tickle stick.
Ian Towne

HECS® technology and garments are very comfortable, extremely durable, and my HECS® suits are the best fitting shirt and pants I own. Combining the superior construction of the HECS® clothes with having the ability to block the body’s naturally occurring electric signal not only enables you to get closer to animals in their own environment, it actually seems to alter the way they respond to you, taking a large portion of their fear right out of the equation. It’s technology like this that helps me get closer to animals and can actually help wildlife in the long run by enabling scientists like myself to study wildlife behavior in an unaltered state.
Forrest Galante
Marine and Wildlife Biologist, Host of Animal Planets Hit Show Extinct or Alive

It’s a great camo colour, super warm for its mm and a tough design, plus the technology in the suit is great. The first time I used the suit I was able to approach three turtles, a school of big gt super close to in touching range, and also was able to run my hand down a sharks back as it swam by. It did feel as though I was more unnoticed. I thought it may have been a coincidence but on further spear fishing dives I have landed some great fish and had more marine life interactions. I’m excited to wear it with some bigger sharks and marine life.
Andre Rerekura
Film Maker, Terra Australis

These fish are usually alert and require a stealth stalk. My partner max wore the HECS® Stealthscreen suit, and I wore a standard 2mm suit. Max had killed his limit of 4 before I had pulled the trigger. We tested it on a few more trips, and the results were the same. We put HECS® wetsuits on two divers and one diver without. the two with HECS® Stealthscreen suits limited out before the other diver even saw a fish.
Max Flowers

HECS® is certainly a very exciting product. I would anticipate HECS® to be of high interest to every serious underwater photographer and those wanting to get up close and personal with all those amazing critters out there. The HECS® wetsuit technology proved itself to be most valuable in allowing our divers to be in extreme close proximity to our marine animals.
Brendan Kelly
Dive Manager, Manly Sea Life Sanctuary

I am continuing to see the difference every time I go dive. Some of the preferred species of fish here in Hawaii are pretty tough to find, let alone get a good shot on them to bring home. Since I started using HECS®, I am now able to stalk fish easier, thus giving me more opportunities on the nice ones that usually swim off. Quality of life improves drastically once you are able to provide for those you hold dear and care about. I can say that through constant use of HECS® technology my success rate while diving has raised significantly.
Spencer Haskins
Waterman, Hawaii

The interactions I had yesterday were some i’ve never experienced! The suit doesn’t allow you to chase the fish, there’s nothing in the world you could wear that would allow a spear-fisher to chase down a fish, however if you stay calm a float mid water they treat you like a log… almost looking through you! allowing you to slowly drift into a high percentage range to ensure you’re eating fresh fish for dinner. The most noticeable difference is seen with the deep-water bait fish. The baitfish treat you like a log as well and want to hang close, in turn upping your chances at seeing your game fish in blue water.
Justin Lee
Spearfisher, Hawaii

I’ve been always wishing that I can be perfectly camouflaged in the nature! For an underwater photographer, I’m more likely an observer of the nature for most of the time, thus the way on how to get closer with marine life matters significantly to me. Especially, in order to catch the best moment of an animal’s interesting face expression. I wish I could just press the shutter button as inconspicuously as possible. HECS® wetsuit enables me to approach the subjects of my photographs much more easily, particularly to a school of fish or large creatures like sharks, manta rays, and turtles etc. HECS® presented me a very satisfying result. Sometimes, I am so close to them that I felt I became part of their group.
Yorko Summer
Award winning underwater photographer and videographer, Taiwan

No doubt HECS® makes a difference. I recently had a possible once in a lifetime encounter in southern California waters with a wahoo. The HECS® suit caused this wahoo to come within range of a polespear! What an unbelievable opportunity and an extremely rare encounter with a fish species that is extremely rare to see in our waters. Getting close to fish is the name of the game when it comes to spearfishing while free-diving. I was wearing HECS® while I landed a pending world record yellowtail with a polespear two weeks ago. You guys have an awesome product!
Ryan Gattoni
Founder, Gatku Polespears

Just put a HECS® suit on and get outdoors. You, too, will be rewarded with success like I have. Thank you, HECS®, for giving me the advantage on completing my goals with consistent success!
John Howard
Martinez, California

I’ve noticed a marked difference in how close I can approach certain marine life underwater while wearing the HECS® suit – a worthwhile advantage for any cameraman.
Dave Abbott
Filmmaker, Liquid Action Films, New Zealand

HECS® gives me confidence to know I can move in close to game animals without being busted by the dreaded ‘sixth sense’ of the animals I am tracking. Given the fantastic results I have enjoyed since I have started using HECS®, I now make it part of my everyday setup when I head out into the field.
Grant Foster
Salt Lake City, UT

Bottom line, our energy is given off to animals. They respond to it, but HECS® garments can control this sixth sense.
Dr. Dave Samuel
Virginia, Professor Emeritus of Wildlife Management

Let me start off by saying I regularly dive in possibly the worst conditions on this planet. Bridgeport Connecticut, has an average visibility between one and four feet with the maximum I’ve ever seen being about twelve feet. When you’re in conditions like this, you only have about a half second to choose and spear your fish. Since using the HECS® suit, I have not only noticed that fish will come much closer to me but also they are much more curious. I have seen Tautog (a prized fish around here) come up to me and look right at me as if saying, ‘What are you?’ This heightened curiosity allows me much more time to line up and take my shot. Not only are these ‘stealth’ capabilities amazing but the suit is also extremely comfortable, warm and stretchy. The neoprene on the inside of the suit is very soft allowing you to put it on and take it off quite easily; it is also crazy stretchy and non-restrictive allowing me to easily take large breaths, stretch my arms and kick with long strides. Overall, the HECS® suit is an unbelievable piece of equipment that I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again.
Billy Hawthorne

Where do I start with the HECS® suit… At first, comfy, warm and a perfect fitting suit. Tougher than woodpecker lips, but soft like grandmas stubble. I’m currently wearing my 3mm suit in the thick of the Australian winter in 16.C and loving it. Not only for the comfort and warmth, but the HECS® technology is definitely an added bonus to the suit. These aren’t your bulk standard attire, these are the ducks nuts, ridgy didge, fair dinkum. There has been quite a few times now where I have noticed fish behaviour being completely different to what I am used to, sticking around much longer for me to place the perfect shot and left me thinking, holy tomorrow fellas, how good is this. It’s great to be able to wear such a special technology to allow you to approach marine life and get that little bit closer whether it be with a gun or a camera – bloody stoked to say the least!
Timmy Knight
Canbera Australia

I was camping in the Uinta mountains of Utah. Myself and a fellow camper were both in HECS® head to toe and decided to see how the birds who were scoping out our campsite would react to us. Before putting on the HECS® the birds were very cautious and stayed at a distance from the campsite, they were curious as we did have crackers and camping snacks out but stayed at a distance. Once both of us were geared up in HECS® these birds were all of a sudden no longer cautious of us. The birds were flying around our heads literally inches from us. I had a bird land 1 inch from my hand, look up at me with curiosity and literally eat a cracker out of my hand! For anyone looking to get close enough to interact or take photos of birds this is a game changer!
Brandon Whittaker
Nature Enthusiast

The first time I used my HECS® wet suit I thought I would have been able to just swim up to “onos” and shoot them as if I was invisible. That was an unrealistic expectation. Once I realized that the suit didn’t have magical invisibility powers I dove as I normally would. That’s when I started to notice that edge the HECS® suit is giving me. The gap that I seem to have had a hard time closing between me and my target fish is now being closed way more frequent. Thus allowing me to take way closer shots to increase my ability to land quality fish. Fish that I once needed a 110 cm or larger speargun with two or three band to shoot. I’m now landing them with a 100 cm single band or with even a Hawaiian sling (3 prong). The HECS® stealth screen wet suit does allow me to get closer. Excellent product.
Keola Medeiros
Spear Fisherman, Big Island Hawaii

The big question I get asked about this suit, “does it make you invisible”? Invisible – no. If you are hanging or moving in the open water column you are still visible by sight. However, I do notice certain species definitely don’t read me as well or notice me as quickly. This especially applies to sharks and rays which I have literally pushed aside as they have attempted to swim over me. I have also seen more dolphins and seals which seem surprised when I appear in their sight line. When camouflaged, general fish reaction does seem slower. The suit is definitely a cray slayer – probably the biggest affirmation for me of its effectiveness is when I recently went into a hole and moved a smaller cray out of the way so I could get the larger one behind it. Neither cray was alarmed until I actually secured the larger one! Definitely bagging out more than normal.
Russel Pollard
Manly, Australia

Not your ordinary wetsuit. First day out with the HECS® suit was nothing short of incredible. For the first time, I felt as though I was a part of the marine ecosystem. As a hunter, you’re always learning new ways to approach fish. New angles, movement, eye contact, species characteristics, moon phases etc. That said, HECS® has changed the game by bringing an entirely new dynamic, stealth. The behavior that I observed with Rays, Sharks, Jacks, Snappers and more, some relatable to previous experiences, some entirely new, were truly incredible and unique. But what really caught my attention was the consistency of these interactions, especially with certain species. Including my personal favorite, Cubera Snappers. Needless to say, the suit is certainly not an invisibility cloak. The same rules apply when stalking fish. However, this new technology is certainly a game changer. Can’t wait to get out with my HECS® suit again!
Josh Lewis
Trinidad and Tobago

I would like to say that your product is amazing and works as advertised. I am a Diver in Panama City. We do a lot of spearfishing and I was literally pushing fish away that I didn’t want with my hand to get to the bigger fish. I love the suit.
Justin Kobler
Panama City Floridda

HECS® technology, it’s the little difference that makes the big difference in my ability to get the perfect shot.
Florian Fisher
Filmmaker, www.behind-the-mask.com

I have been freediving & spearfishing for many years and there is nothing more important to me than my wetsuit. Not only are the HECS® suits the best I have ever experienced but they are genuinely great people who have a passion for what they do. I have worn many different types of suits and I can safely say I will only be wearing HECS® from now on!
Franco Rodrigo
Delta Carbon Boats

The folks at HECS® have been incredible with providing products for not only our company but for our yacht clients as well, with custom made suits. As far as the HECS® product, no other suit manufacturer comes close. We at Delta Carbon Yachts are proud to wear HECS® suits and provide all of our yacht clients with custom HECS® suits as well.
Chapman Ducote
Delta Carbon Boats

HECS® wildlife apparel has completely changed how I pack for wildlife photography trips. The lightweight, breathable clothes are great whether you’re on the move or hunkered down waiting for that perfect shot. From first hand experience, the HECS® technology puts birds and other animals at ease making filming wildlife both exciting and ethical.
James Brantley
Professional Wildlife Photographer

This is the first season that I’ve hunted and photographed marine life while wearing a HECS® wetsuit. One of the most critical aspects of underwater photography and spearfishing is the ability to get as close to your subject as possible. With the help of HECS® technology, I’ve been able to achieve this; photographing and harvesting more fish this season than ever before.
Dave Gleeson
Rhode Island, USA

I have been free diving and spear fishing for many years and have tried and tested many wetsuits. HECS® suits are the best I have ever experienced really comfortable and sings quality and allows you to get closer than before. I recently used HECS® wetsuit for a spear fishing trip I did in Mozambique for dog tooth tuna aka Doggies. Whilst diving I encountered tiger sharks and silver tips. Even though the sharks could see you, they seemed less ‘spooked’ which allowed you to get closer, thus allowing you to get close to your ‘prize’. I will be fully putting the wetsuit through its test this year in the UK when free diving and spear fishing , and swimming with blue sharks alongside basking sharks!
Jay Lewis
Ex Green Beret, UK

When you are able to spot and stalk a bedded deer, have them look up at you and go back to sleep as you move in closer, which was 10 yards and capture them sleeping, that’s a @hecswildlife experience in my book
Bruce Brown
Coach Heritage High School Baseball

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