HECS® Wildlife Camouflage Gets You Closer To Nature!

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HECS® holds 5 issued U.S. patents and multiple foreign patents. Our technology has been proven effective and has been fully vetted by experts since 2010.


Just put a HECS® suit on and get outdoors. You, too, will be rewarded with success like I have. Thank you, HECS®, for giving me the advantage on completing my goals with consistent success!
John Howard
Martinez, California

HECS® technology and garments are very comfortable, extremely durable, and my HECS® suits are the best fitting shirt and pants I own. Combining the superior construction of the HECS® clothes with having the ability to block the body’s naturally occurring electric signal not only enables you to get closer to animals in their own environment, it actually seems to alter the way they respond to you, taking a large portion of their fear right out of the equation. It’s technology like this that helps me get closer to animals and can actually help wildlife in the long run by enabling scientists like myself to study wildlife behavior in an unaltered state.
Forrest Galante
Marine and Wildlife Biologist, Host of Animal Planets Hit Show Extinct or Alive

HECS® gives me confidence to know I can move in close to game animals without being busted by the dreaded ‘sixth sense’ of the animals I am tracking. Given the fantastic results I have enjoyed since I have started using HECS®, I now make it part of my everyday setup when I head out into the field.
Grant Foster
Salt Lake City, UT

Bottom line, our energy is given off to animals. They respond to it, but HECS® garments can control this sixth sense.
Dr. Dave Samuel
Virginia, Professor Emeritus of Wildlife Management

I was camping in the Uinta mountains of Utah. Myself and a fellow camper were both in HECS® head to toe and decided to see how the birds who were scoping out our campsite would react to us. Before putting on the HECS® the birds were very cautious and stayed at a distance from the campsite, they were curious as we did have crackers and camping snacks out but stayed at a distance. Once both of us were geared up in HECS® these birds were all of a sudden no longer cautious of us. The birds were flying around our heads literally inches from us. I had a bird land 1 inch from my hand, look up at me with curiosity and literally eat a cracker out of my hand! For anyone looking to get close enough to interact or take photos of birds this is a game changer!
Brandon Whittaker
Nature Enthusiast

HECS® wildlife apparel has completely changed how I pack for wildlife photography trips. The lightweight, breathable clothes are great whether you’re on the move or hunkered down waiting for that perfect shot. From first hand experience, the HECS® technology puts birds and other animals at ease making filming wildlife both exciting and ethical.
James Brantley
Professional Wildlife Photographer

When you are able to spot and stalk a bedded deer, have them look up at you and go back to sleep as you move in closer, which was 10 yards and capture them sleeping, that’s a @hecswildlife experience in my book
Bruce Brown
Wildlife Photographer

HECS® technology, it’s the little difference that makes the big difference in my ability to get the perfect shot.
Florian Fisher
Filmmaker, www.behind-the-mask.com

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