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HECS® wildlife adventure clothing is the revolutionary apparel you need to elevate the experiences you can have when exploring in the wild.

Clothing designed for the best outdoor experience possible.

Whether you’re a wildlife photographer, an avid backpacker, or a casual hiker, having the right gear is essential for your endeavors. HECS® technology, found in our wildlife adventure clothing, is what you need to improve your time outdoors and minimize the impact you have on the wildlife you encounter.

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The HECS® Advantage

Our clothing is more than visual camouflage, it’s a system that takes the most advanced concealment technology and makes it accessible to anyone. HECS® wildlife adventure clothing is the perfect tool for avid outdoor enthusiasts and anyone whose livelihood is dependent on observing wildlife in its natural habitat, because our technology blocks the body’s electrical emissions that alert wild animals to your presence.

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HECS® Technology

HECS® patented technology blocks your naturally occurring electrical energy signature, allowing people closer and safer interactions with wildlife and nature. Our patented camo technology doesn’t make you undetectable; it allows you to be viewed more like an inanimate object. Getting closer to wildlife without disturbing the animals seems to be the goal every outdoor enthusiast has. After years of working towards this goal, we have created a solution and woven it into our clothing. HECS® technology blocks the energy humans emit and reduces the impact our signal has on the animals, so they behave in a more natural and less stressed way. You’ll get to see nature in a whole new light!

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HECS® Research

There are many advantages to wearing HECS® camouflage clothing when you’re spending time outdoors. Scientific studies show that animals, birds, and fish are able to sense extreme low-frequency electromagnetic energy as part of their natural defense mechanisms. Because many creatures can sense these naturally occurring energy fields put off by all living beings, blocking this energy allows wildlife to become approachable. So, whether you are looking for camouflage clothing to wear when photographing animals, or gear to get to help you be less disruptive when hiking, HECS® technology has you covered, literally!


HECS® Aquatic

Wearing HECS® technology has immeasurable benefits for wildlife conservation, biology, and animal husbandry. When you are wearing HECS® technology in the form of our aquatic gear, you are reducing the stress on the animals you are observing or interacting with. HECS® aquatic wear provides you with a more natural encounter with any creatures you find in lakes, rivers and oceans.



Check out our HECS® systems in action. Our outdoor adventure clothing allows the wearer to get closer to animals without disturbing them.

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“Bottom line, our energy is given off to animals. They respond to it, but HECS® garments can control this sixth sense.”

Dr. Dave Samuel

Virginia Professor, Emeritus of Wildlife Management

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