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If nature and wildlife resonate with you, HECS® technology can help you have a more superior outdoor experience than ever before.

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Outdoor Wear and Adventure Clothing

As humans, we are an integral part of our world, and many of us enjoy the connection we make with Mother Nature and the animals on this planet. Whether you’re a wildlife photographer, a birdwatcher, or an outdoor enthusiast, HECS® Wildlife clothing is for you.
HECS® systems, or wildlife adventure clothing, is designed to give you a special experience the next time you’re outdoors. Check out our wildlife adventure apparel line and see how it can make a difference!

HECS® Wildlife Clothing with Interlocking Carbon Fibers

Getting close to wildlife is an experience that a lot of people enjoy. Many would agree that some of their best times outside have come from seeing wild animals in their natural habitat, unaffected by humans. It’s always an exciting moment, but those who experience this on a regular basis can attest, it is a challenge. A lot of practice is involved in being able to get close enough to animals to observe them without causing a major disruption. Being able to have these experiences and interactions is well worth the effort. This is where HECS® wildlife adventure clothing and gear excels, because it can help you get closer to animals and stay undetected as a threat.

For those whose hobby or career revolves around the great outdoors and wildlife, you understand that having the right equipment is essential. With HECS® wildlife adventure clothing and apparel, you have the edge. Whether you’re a photographer or just a person who loves spending time outdoors with as minimal of an impact as possible, our outdoor adventure camo is the gear for you.


Our wildlife adventure apparel does more than help you blend in with your surroundings, along with having a camo pattern, we’ve designed our fabrics to block your body’s naturally occurring electrical energy emissions. This will allow you to have a better chance to get closer to wildlife without disturbing them. Photographers can have a more satisfying time capturing their shots, and even birdwatchers can benefit from our clothing too.

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How Does HECS® Outdoor Adventure Clothing Get Me Closer to Wildlife?

What does electrical energy have to do with wildlife, and why does it need to be blocked? You may be familiar with the adage that animals have a sixth sense, so it’s difficult to get close to them, even when you’re being careful. Even if you are silent and cover your scent, animals can still detect you. This sixth sense can be attributed to their alertness surrounding naturally occurring electrical energy emissions that all living beings emit. Animals are hyper-aware of electrical energy emissions because it’s one of their primary defense mechanisms. This electrical energy output is what HECS® technology conceals, enabling the wearer of our wildlife adventure clothing to get closer to wildlife and witness it in its natural habitat.

When you move your muscles, you’re producing electrical energy emissions, so you are detectable by wildlife. With our patented technology, HECS® wildlife clothing has revolutionized the outdoor recreation industry. Our outdoor adventure apparel and camo is designed to block your electrical energy, so you can get up close to animal without disrupting or scaring it. We achieve this by weaving a highly conductive interlocking carbon fiber grid into our fabrics, which disperses the electrical energy you produce throughout it. Thus, blocking any waves from being detected and minimizing the impact you have on the animals you come across in nature.

All of our clothing is lightweight, breathable, and durable. You get everything you’d want from outdoor clothing with HECS® technology, plus the ability to block your electrical energy emissions. In addition, your HECS® wildlife adventure clothing is machine washable. Experience the outdoors like never before and get closer to wildlife. Check out our clothing line today!

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